Thursday, June 26, 2008

Make sure to work out

You have to work out if you do not have any weights at your home then go buy a set tomorrow. Working out and staying physically fit is very important you have to keep your looks up and staying in shape will help out with your looks, trust me no body has ever said that is a nasty six pack.

Bench press curls and sit ups are the primary 3 work outs any man will want to do running and walking are the next two. So like I said make sure to work out because if you want to become that guy then this is what you will need to do.

Find your own fool

No matter how pimp your car is or how good you look or how much money you have if your bringing your friends over to mommies house then your not the right guy for this job. You must get your own home because having your own place to entertain friends and bring women is vital to being a great guy.

So like the title suggests get your own if your do not already have one, trust me on this!!

Get a legit source of income

Or better yet get a job having a j o b will make or break you because either you will have money coming in or you will not and every guy has a little bit of money stashed around. Make sure to invest wisely built do invest and also stash for a rainy day because you never know when one will come.

Being legal and making your money legally is very important always pay your taxes because the last thing you want is the man knocking down your door.

Groom yourself and do not become one

Always groom your self take care of your body it is the best things you will ever own. Make sure to brush floss and use rinse and get your teeth cleaned every year or other year. Always make sure you are smelling great and have on something for the sweat. Smelling the part is almost as important as looking the part.

Do not say i do guys that say i do and become a groom are no longer guys but married men and we salute them but in order to stay a guy you can never get married.

Whats guys are and how to be 1

Well i am here to blog about what guys are and what it takes to be a guy and what it means to be a guy. A guy is not a man or a dude but is someone that is always refereed to in a good light or sense yea that guy. And in order to be that guy you have to do several things and I wanted to share those things with everyone so they could also be that guy everyone talks great about instead of the other.

So if your interested in learning more about the who what when where and why of how and about being a guy stick around because there is tons of stuff to come.

Monday, June 23, 2008

That is right guys

Thats right guys rock n roll because this is the place to have fun and party hard. I am hoping you will like this blog but know upfront that it has nothing to do with rock n roll rather that is just the title i gave this blog because guys do rock n roll.

So with that I hope everyone here will have fun reading my blog about things guys like!!